February 28, 2013

Creole Envie

Creole Envie
6509 112 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T5W 0P1
(780) 477-2422

Creole Envie started as a take-out and catering business, but, last fall, moved into the former location of Highlands Kitchen on 112 Avenue. I joined the Edmonton Foodie Group for some flavours of Louisiana just before Fat Tuesday. We arrived to find our tables overflowing with Mardi Gras beads, masks, and pixie sticks, and knew immediately it would be a special night!

Fried green tomatoes (top); sweet potato fries (lower)
All of us that ordered the fried green tomatoes agreed that they were wonderful! The tomatoes were firm inside a crispy coating that was slightly mealy in texture. The sweet potato fries were similarly delicious. Both the tomatoes and the sweet potato fries were accompanied by an incredible and addictive cajun mayonaise. They should jar and sell that stuff! (they don't; I asked.)

Top to bottom: Alligator & andouille étouffée, catfish with green beans, blackened chicken po'boy
There was lots of variety in the dishes ordered by the group, so I got to taste a number of things. The catfish, perfectly crisp in a delicious batter, was a favorite of the night. The green beans were a touch overcooked, but still enjoyable with the accompanying pecans. The po'boy was massive and hearty, but its bun was so substantial it took away from all the flavour it enclosed. 

Fried chicken with smoky macaroni and cheese
The white meat fried chicken arrived piping hot, with its delectably crispy coating enveloping incredibly juicy meat. Though I was excited to sample the smoky macaroni and cheese, the smoke flavour was overpowering. It was the disappointment of the night, and several in my group, myself included, did not finish it because of the overwhelming flavour. 

The service at Creole Envie to be unwaveringly friendly; even as the kitchen had trouble keeping up with our large order and there were a few mix ups, our waiter and waitress were always smiling and calm. There are a few items on the menu I would not order again; however, most of what I tried was so delicious, that I know it won't be long before my next visit to Creole Envie! 

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