February 10, 2012

Hawkeye's Too

Hawkeye's Too
10048 102 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 0V6
(780) 421-9898

Hawkeye's is a pub and restaurant located on 102 Street just south of Jasper. The space is divided into a dive-ish pub side (complete with VLTs, and, apparently, karaoke on weekends), and a restaurant side which is pushed back from the entrance and is a bit dungeon-like with no windows. It's got plenty of booths and the central round tables have comfortable chairs. Minors are not allowed in either part of the establishment.

Wonton soup
I walked from the LRT for lunch so I wanted to start off with something to warm me up. The soup of the day, seafood chowder, was being readily ordered by others, but I opted for the wonton soup, a regular menu item. Within moments, my server reappeared with a really lovely soup filled with wontons, greens, and vegetables. The chicken broth was savory and not-too-salty and the broccoli and carrots were tender-crisp. The wontons were abundant and delicious, filled with pork.

Salami & extra cheese pizza
The pizzas are arguably what Hawkeye's Too is best known for. My salami and extra cheese pizza was ready in about 10 minutes and came out so piping hot I actually burned my tongue on my first bite. The crust is moderately thick and was cooked to a perfect golden brown as was the cheese. The pizza sauce had a nice little zest to it. My only complaint was that, for an extra cheese pizza, more cheese would've been great. Finally, passing the true test of a good pizza, the leftovers were even better than the pizza initially.
Stroganoff with spätzle
One of the lunch specials was prime beef stroganoff with spätzle (a soft German egg noodle). The beef and mushrooms were delicious in the savory & slightly salted brown gravy. I've only ever had stroganoff with the standard flat egg noodles, but the spätzle were a delightful change! They were rustic with a good chewy and soft texture (a few pieces were more dry and flakier, which I actually enjoyed). It was impossible not to hear the others in the restaurant praising this dish and I had to agree.

Hawkeye's Too has a laid back atmosphere that appeals to and attracts all types. It's unpretentious, the prices are very reasonable, and the service is efficient and snappy. During the noon hour, I was in and out in less than 35 minutes. All that on top of the wide variety of tasty homemade food left me really impressed and I'm already looking forward to returning.

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