January 17, 2012

Take-Out Chronicles: Pizzeria Prego

Pizzeria Prego
5860 111 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 3G1
(780) 439-7734

I drive by Pizzeria Prego's bright neon sign on a daily basis, and have occasionally peered in their window on my way to visit Sunterra, but finally ventured in to grab some dinner. They've got a pretty big menu with pizza (of course), pasta (lasagna & spaghetti), wraps, and basic salads and they seem to particularly emphasize their gluten-free offerings.
Caesar salad (large)
The Caesar salad was slightly better than the standard I've had at a lot of takeout pizza places. I appreciated that they packed the dressing separate from the rest of the salad (to avoid sogginess) but there wasn't enough dressing for the amount of salad. I like the shredded parmesan, and the dressing was pleasantly lemony. Nothing special, but a good side for pizza.

Lasagna (individual)
One of the sins many take-out pizza places commit is using their pizza sauce as the sauce on their pastas. Pizza sauce is not pasta sauce! Pizzeria Prego's lasagna came covered in cheese, as it should, with a meaty pasta sauce -- different from what was on the pizzas! It was basic, not mind-blowing, but not terrible. I appreciated the effort.

Pepperoni & extra cheese, standard crust (8")
You can get an 8" two topping pizza for $5, cooked to order, so we decided to get one of those, and one with a few more toppings. The pepperoni pizza with extra cheese on their standard crust wasn't as cheesy as I'd hope, nor was it particular meaty. It was pretty much your standard issue pepperoni pizza.
Chicken, feta, spinach & tomato, whole wheat crust (12")
I got a bit more creative with our 12" pizza: chicken, feta, tomatoes, spinach, and mozza on a whole wheat crust. Pizzeria Prego offers several crust options, including standard, sesame flax, whole wheat, and sunflower pumpkin. The whole wheat was just the right balance of chewy and soft texture with a slightly buttery flavor. The rest of the toppings complemented the crust nicely, but the crust was a total star.

In a lot of ways, Pizzeria Prego is your standard neighborhood pizzeria with plenty of average dishes on their menu. It's clear, however, that some ingenuity has gone into their menu resulting in some gems. For persons with celiac disease or gluten intolerance it's a goldmine. Experiment with their plethora of toppings and crusts and you might even find a new favorite pizza.

Website: http://www.pregopizza.com/
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