February 03, 2013

Blue Plate Diner

Blue Plate Diner
10145 104 Street NW
Edmonton AB T5J 1A7
(780) 429-0740

Blue Plate Diner is a popular spot on 104 Street that I've visited on several previous occasions. A few weeks ago an overhaul of their menu was debuted with several new menu items, and a few old dishes put to rest (RIP enchiladas). I returned to taste a couple of newcomers as well as sample some remaining old favorites.

Veggie spring rolls
We started off with the new vegetarian spring rolls. They came out perfectly crisp and extremely hot, and were stuffed with carrots, sour cabbage, and onion. Though I found them overwhelmingly salty (boosted further by the soy dipping sauce), my guest was able to better appreciate the maple in the rolls as described in the menu.

Ginger & orange stir-fry with tofu
While I'm not vegetarian, I do appreciate the many and varied meatless options available on the menu (Specials on Mondays are always vegetarian as well, in observance of Meatless Monday). The ginger and orange stir-fry with tofu arrived spicy, as requested. The tofu was a touch chewy, but my guest enjoyed her dish otherwise, loaded with veggies and zesty with ginger.

Pork loin chop
Browsing the menu, I was instantly intrigued by the cinnamon bourbon demi-glaze in the new pork dish. When I sampled the glaze on its own, I was dubious; however, on the pork, the warm flavours of the glaze mellowed to complement the meat nicely. The dish was carefully presented atop a bed of grainy dijon-laden potatoes and surrounded by vegetables.

Beet cake
Though we'd hoped to sample their new chocolate fudge cake, the last piece went to another table just before we ordered dessert. I instead enjoyed an old favorite: the the beet cake. It was spiced similarly to carrot cake, and exceedingly moist. Just writing about its thick, cream cheese icing laced the bright zest of orange has my mouth watering again.

Though I wasn't blown away by the two new dishes I sampled at this visit, I appreciate Blue Plate Diner's efforts to inject new life into their already diverse menu. There are other new dishes I'd still like try, as well as more favourites to re-experience. Between their menu and easygoing, fun atmosphere, Blue Plate Diner is a reliable, good choice, and continues to keep me coming back.

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