December 20, 2012


10631 51 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 0K8
(780) 756-1345

Wedged between a laundromat and an abandoned deli on 51st Avenue is MyEmpanadas, a Argentinian empanada shop. In contrast to its dilapidated strip mall facade, the interior is clean, and alive with the aromas of spices and baking pastry. A couple of tables are available, but the business functions largely on takeout orders.

Though MyEmpanadas sells frozen empanadas (bake at home for 15 minutes), I had mine cooked in the restaurant. They arrived golden brown in color with a crispy, flakey crust, and were roughly the size of a pizza pop. I'd suggest 2-4 empanadas per person per meal, depending on the individual and their appetite.

Creamy spinach (L) and beef (R) empanadas
Ten varieties of empanadas are available to choose from, including three vegetarian options. I sampled the beef, creamy spinach, chicken, and cajun pulled pork empanadas. With the exception of the mild creamy spinach empanada, all had moderate--but not overwhelming--heat, allowing their rich and savoury flavours to come through. The cajun pulled pork, my favorite, burst with pulled pork and cabbage and featured a cajun spiced crust.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch from MyEmpanadas, I found their prices very reasonable, and I appreciate the option to buy frozen and bake at home. If you've driven by this place and wondered about it, I'd encourage you to next time stop, and head in for a delicious pocket packed with Argentinian flavour.

Restaurant website
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  1. How much are the empanadas ?
    Being cute and saying they are very reasonable does not help.

    1. Hi there, and thanks for the comment!

      In my draught version I mentioned pricing in the introduction, but decided to take it out to avoid specifics that the owner may have changed, and vary by variety of empanada and whether it's sold hot or cold. After removing that, I should have also removed the comment on my perception of the value in last paragraph. In any case, if you're interested, the current pricing can be found on the restaurant website linked above. Currently, it's ~2.50 each for most frozen empanadas and 2.99 for baked.

      Sorry you found it unhelpful, but thank you very much for the feedback! Hope this helps more!