December 05, 2012

Dauphine Bakery & Bistro

Dauphine Bakery & Bistro
10129 – 104 Street 
Edmonton, AB 
T5J 0Z9
(780) 421-4410

Because of an unfortunate trademark infringement lawsuit, The Queen of Tarts, a burgeoning force on 104 Street, covered its old signage in January, and, quite quickly, was rebranded as Dauphine Bakery and Bistro. Fortunately business remained strong. By my mid-afternoon arrival, soups & sandwiches were sold-out, but a wide variety of baked good remained.

Carrot cake tulip
When it was still The Queen of Tarts, I'd eyed the carrot cake tulips through the glass, but always opted for tarts -- they were the specialty after all! No longer restrained by the name, I jumped at the chance to try the last remaining carrot cake tulip, delectably moist and topped with a perfect cream cheese icing.

White chocolate pistachio tart
The white chocolate pistachio was beautiful, with a perfectly crumbly crust. Its white chocolate innards contrasted beautifully with the pistachio.

Lemon curd tart
Lemon curd tart was a bit of a disappointment. Though I generally love the tartness of lemon, this tart tasted curdled, without the refreshing lemony balance.

Apricot square
The preserves in the apricot square were delicious. I found the crumble bits a touch dry for my tastes; however it may have been because I bought this later in the day.

What's in a name? Whether the Queen of Tarts or Dauphine, the treats here are just as sweet & tasty! It's evident that much care goes into the food produced at Dauphine, and there is plenty of selection. Indulge!

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