February 27, 2012

Kerstin's Chocolates

Kerstin's Chocolates
10139 112 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 2V2
(780) 990-0011

Kerstin's Chocolates has been around in Edmonton since 2003. Her love of food has taken owner Kerstin Roo around the world, and along the way she developed a passion for chocolate making. Located on the south side of the Gates on 12th condo complex, the shop has been around since 2008. Inside, visitors will find an assortment of chocolate pieces, handmade by Kerstin and her team, as well as Kerstin's Chocophilia series of chocolate bars, chocolate caviar, and drinking chocolate. A variety of imported chocolate is available as well, though I focus on Kerstin's products below.

Drinking chocolate
Drinking chocolate mix is available for purchase in store, or you can have a cup prepared for you in-store with hot steamed milk. A small Dixie cup will set you back $2.50, which would be steep if it were just hot chocolate, but one taste, and you'll know it's so much better. It's thickness was less than fondue but more than hot chocolate, and its flavor was creamy, and, of course, deeply chocolaty.

Chocolate dipped ginger (front), dulce de leche cup (back)
If you like ginger, give the chocolate dipped ginger slices a try. The milk chocolate was smooth and delicious combined with the sharp bite of the candied ginger. The dark chocolate dulce de leche cups were very easy to enjoy. I loved letting the dark chocolate melt away on my tongue to unveil the thick, creamy, caramely dulce de leche.
Milk chocolate peanut butter cup
Kerstin's peanut butter cups are available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Since the dulce de leche cups were dark chocolate, I picked milk for these. The milk chocolate was delicious, as expected, but these cups were just bursting with the smooth & creamy organic peanut butter that I couldn't appreciate the chocolate on its own (the dark chocolate may have asserted itself more). That was just fine with me -- I'm a peanut butter junkie! Kerstin's didn't let me down!

Chocophilia: Fleur de sel
Among Kerstin's homemade line of the chocolate bars, Chocophilia, fleur de sel is the most popular variety. The milk chocolate was like velvet in my mouth, and the salt was a nice addition that resulted in a flavor similar to chocolate covered pretzels.
Chocophilia: Roses are red...
Roses are red... is one of their Valentine's seasonal offerings which has a backbone of white chocolate with saffron, rose, and raspberry. I definitely enjoyed the white chocolate, but found the rose oil overwhelmed any saffron or raspberry flavor to it.

Chocophilia: Pumpkin pie
The Pumpkin Pie variety had all the great spicy flavor of pumpkin pie with an appropriately understated chocolate flavor and smooth chocolate texture with little bursts of crunchy graham crumbs. Of the 3 Chocophilia flavors we tried, this was my favorite.

Like a good portion of the population, I'm not picky when it comes to chocolate; it's hard to find a variety I actually dislike. But any chocolate fiend should recognize that not all chocolate is equal. The products at Kerstin's start with excellent chocolate and the results are fresh, high quality, undeniably delicious, and luxurious in the mouth. If you're looking for a tasty gift or just want to treat yourself, have a look (and a taste) at Kerstin's Chocolates.

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