January 12, 2012

Take-Out Chronicles: The 3 Amigos

The 3 Amigos
4035 106 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6J 2S3
(780) 490-6394
The 3 Amigos started off as a takeout joint by three brothers (hopefully they're still amigos) from the state of Oaxaco in Mexica. Though they eventually expanded to a full-service restaurant, they still do plenty of take-out, and, after a crazy day at work, it was a take-out kind of night.
The take out side retains the bones of the old Subway restaurant it replaced, but it's clear that plenty of effort has been put in to make the space their own. Often on weekends a guitarist is present to serenade patrons with Mexican melodies.

Amigos nachos with chicken... minus the peppers & onions
The nachos served here are made fresh on-site, not dumped out of a bag. Frankly, I'd enjoy them just as much with nothing on them. The mild salsa provided that we later dumped on top was indeed mild, but tasty nevertheless.

We decided to sample both the chicken and the pork tamales. We enjoyed the spicy meaty filling, but, unfortunately, both were pretty dry.
Chicken torta
3 Amigos offers seven varieties of tortas (a Mexican sandwich) to choose from, and I eventually settled on the chicken torta. It was loaded with lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions, refried beans, and avocado. The bread was nicely toasted, fresh & crusty, really complementing the contents. Tortas come with salad or fries. The salad was fresh but a bit naked without any dressing (not sure if that is how it is or if it was an oversight). I think I'll go for the fries next time.
Chicken enchiladas
I've had their enchiladas before, and I really want to like them, but they never have left me wowed. The enchilada sauce is ok. The black beans they come with are ok. I actually really like the potato and rice blend they're served with. I wish I could put my finger on what's missing.
Empanada de pina
The highlight of it all the was the pineapple empanada. The outside was perfectly crisp, and the inside was soft and sweet but could have used more pineapple. It came with ice cream, which was package separately so it wouldn't melt during the drive home. Unfortunately, even the most careful packaging couldn't save it from me forgetting about it on the counter.

Reviews of Mexican restaurants always seem to attempt to judge a restaurants authenticity. I don't think I'm qualified to rate that, but I do know we had a pretty good meal, with a particularly strong start & finish. It's a nice addition to the neighborhood, and definitely worth trying, but I'm not sure I'd trouble myself to get there for a repeat visit if it wasn't so handy.

Website: http://www.thethreeamigosedmonton.ca/
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